It's Shopping Time

When you make coffee every day at some point that bag of delicious, fresh coffee beans gets empty. So for the lats 6 months I have been working on a super secret project for Filtru - a one-stop shop for coffee beans and accessories.

“Filtru Shop”

With Filtru’s refreshed Discover tab you are able to browse, search and purchase fresh coffee beans delivered to you directly from our partnered coffee roasters. The Discover tab will now include a list of product categories to choose from. You can search for coffee by nearly every aspect of it’s genetics:

I’m hoping this will enable all of you to try different coffee beans, compare and develop a palate for a more specific beverage.

New coffee roasters are added regularly, shipping to more and more countries, make sure you keep an eye on the product selection.


As part of our celebration of the launch of Filtru Shop, I have added t-shirts featuring your favourite brew methods from Filtru. Be sure to check these out!

“Filtru T-shirts”

Other goodies

Refreshed look of the app not features larger, more legible font and less cluttered timer screen. I’m working towards simplifying the user interface even more in the coming months.

Recently Brewed section now remembers the dose you have brewed with, if you tap on any brew guides, a last used dose will be pre-set for you. This makes a consistent brew even easier.

Filtru 2.0 is now available to download for iOS, with Android version coming very soon.

Additionally, if you enjoy using Filtru, please rate the app on the App Store of Play Store, so that more people can enjoy a better coffee at home.

- Bobby Bobak
Creator of Filtru