Brew more with Filtru

I am delighted to introduce the new version of Filtru!

The app now supports 3 Bluetooth-capable coffee scales, providing a unique brewpring experience for any afficionado that would like to improve their skills.

  1. Simply switch on the scale, turn on the app and Filtru will automatically recognise the device.

  2. Tap a brew recipe and you will notice a yellow banner appear with the scale readings updating real-time.

  3. Once you’re ready press the Play button and start pouring water.

When the timer is running you will notice a grey indicator filling up the main circle. This is your target weight, the circle will go red, yellow, and blue depending on how fast you are pouring.

Below you can find a video demonstrating the use of the app:

I hope this feature will be of great use to Filtru users, helping you all improve the flow-rate

- Bobby Bobak
Creator of Filtru